4:55pm Sunday, just got back from trapeze. been here two days, this place is pretty fuckin dope. we arrived here the day before yesterday, at about 1pm. as soon as you get off the van into club med, they take your bags and hand you a drink. david thought it was cheesy and didn’t like that, but i thought it was kind of pleasant. the landscape of the island is beautiful, everything looks like a postcard. some of the photos that i’ve gotten thus far i think are exceptional. i got a few panoramas which i’d like to stitch together but i can’t because i only have photoshop 7 on this thinkpad. i’m looking forward to getting home and receiving the new dell laptop which will be able to run the latest version of all the software that i use. i’m getting side tracked. i plan to make everyday that i’m here special and different in some way. my intention isn’t to (just) drink and eat all day and sit by the pool or on the beach. yesterday i played tennis and ping pong for a few hours, and today i went snorkeling and took the trapeze lesson. that was more fun that i had initially given it credit for, and the view atop the trapeze bar was fantastic. there looks to be a storm only 10 or 15 miles away, and the edges of the horizon look dark and stormy.

snorkeling this morning was pretty fun, but slightly disappointing. i had been told that turks and caicos had some of the best diving in the world, and because i don’t have a scuba diving certificate, i’m relegated to snorkeling. we took a boat out to sea and went snorkeling there, and while the visibility was high, there wasn’t really much to see. very few fish, a few sea turtles, and coral and reefs were almost entirely devoid of color. in addition, there was a strong current that was sweeping all of us (about 40 or so) away from the boat.i’m going to edit some of these photos before dinner.