July 2018 update: damn, I lost all of these photos.

tuesday night, went back out to Andalu. looks like it’s a regular thing now, so i’ll be there every tuesday doing photography for the promoter anthony. that’s cool with me, it’s a pretty good time and i meet a lot of people. it’s not a lot of money, but that’s okay because it’s a fun thing that i can enjoy. a nice compromise between work and play, i think. i got some cool peoples and met a rack of really interesting people. for some reason as the photographer, i feel like i get to know everyone really well in one night. let me give me some examples. below are the pics with brief explanations of my encounters with these people. after i left the club i really felt like i had to write about the people i met and the things that i saw. i didn’t have time to write this yesterday unfortunately. here are the pics:

the dj again. this guy is really cool. i still don’t know his name, but we know eachother and say what’s up. i’m not sure if he plays there every week, but he’s always there dj’ing and having a fun time. he plays a pretty wide variety of stuff, from hip hop to house to samba. 

the drummer guy. this guy is off the chains. sounds like a professional, and makes the atmosphere so much more live. when i first heard him i thought he was on some kind of electric drum set, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him sitting in front of a mic stand with his drums. i’m not sure what it is about that place, but it’s always so live on a tuesday night. i think this guy plays a key role in that.

anthony with this really hot chick, i forget her name. kevork and i were staring at her like, damn. she was wearing this tiny outfit, it was tight. i had to get a photo, so i did.

kevork didn’t like her so much after close examination. she still looked good to me.

this was interesting. as i walk around that place i feel like i can talk to anyone, whether it’s a group of strangers or a beautiful woman with another guy. i don’t care, i just walk up and say what’s up. so i see this kinda goofy looking, really tall woman with this black guy. she’s like 6′ tall, the tallest in the place. i walk up and say hi and ask how tall she is, and she responds with a wicked accent. she says she’s from slovakia. the guy with her is cool and friendly. it’s weird for me to see a tall eastern european blone chick with a black guy who’s not tiger woods.

this girl was just nuts. she was dancing on a table top, obviously having a blast. unfortunately i didn’t get a really good shot of her. she’s dancing by herself on this table top and i’m like wow, she’s nuts. i walk up and dance next to her, getting crazy, joking around. she starts dancing all up on my shit and i was like cool, because unlike last week, this time the crazy one was pretty hot. we dance around for a minute, and she hugs me and kisses me on the lips. i gave her my card, took a picture, and walked off.

i don’t have an explanation for this. the woman on the left is from miami. she had a wicked spanish accent and was having fun (getting really drunk and rowdy) all night.

these guys are cool. the guy in the t-shirt wanted me to get his picture with this hot latin chick. i was like cool, and then he bought me a few drinks. sweet.

this guy. oh, this guy. generally what i do when i’m photographing places like andalu is look for groups of people or couples having a good time. people who want to get their picture taken to remember the good time they’re having. i see this guy with this blonde girl and walk up and say hi and ask if i can get a photo. the guy is like sure.. WAIT, NO. MY WIFE WILL SEE. a few minutes of conversation reveal that the guy is married and starting to date this other girl that he’s with. i try to get him to let me take the picture, telling him that his wife won’t find it on this obscure website. it doesn’t work, but he says i should take individual pictures of the two of them. that was interesting.

i met one other really weird guy who i couldn’t get a picture of. i was getting a drink at the bar and this guy was with this beautiful woman so i tried to get a picture. as soon as she saw me with the camera she literally ran off. i talked to the guy and asked what the deal was, he didn’t really know. so i asked to get his picture so i could remember him as the guy that women run away from when a camera is around. he firmly declined, i asked why, and he said that it was because he had ‘a contract’. i don’t know what the hell that means and i couldn’t get an explanation out of him.

one guy asked me to do photography at his party at 1223 called spank. he offered to pay me $100/night. decent cheddar for a few hours. this concludes my brief recap of tuesday night.

tonight i’m going to modern with kevork and eric to get some location shots for a flyer that we’re designing. should be fun, i hope to run into miko.

i’ve been listening to z-trip for two days straight. easily one of my biggest dj inspirations.