I’m in Mike’s apartment in Shanghai with a group of friends, hanging out before returning to Shuffle to play tonight from 11-1am. It’s our first time playing together in Shanghai and we’re looking forward to it – we rehearsed for an hour or two this afternoon after helping set up the equipment. We’re listed in all of the local publications as the #1 thing to do tonight in Shanghai (with the help of a number of local journalist friends), even above DJ Shortkut who’s here from California. Apparently a few hundred pre-sale tickets are sold out so the attendance should be proper, helped in no small part by 10yuan Carlsberg beer (with the average price in Shanghai at an upmarket club being about 50-60yuan).

About the event; it’s a non-profit charity event to raise money for children in Western Sichuan. None of us are getting paid for the performance, and as a matter of fact, we’re all staying on couches while we’re here in town. I think the promoters have just barely covered the operating costs, so from here on out it’s just a party where we’re all trying to have fun. A number of Shanghai promoters will be in the house and it’ll be a great place to promote ourselves, both as a group and individually. I’m going to finish my white wine now; served to us by Mike’s neighbor from France. 😉