I have to share Isaacs (that’s for you, Sara) living room with Marilyn and she’s snoring so loudly that I can’t sleep at all. If I tried to comically imitate it, it still wouldn’t be as loud as she’s really snoring right now – this is ludicrous. And just a moment ago I was brushing my teeth and she knocked on the bathroom door when I said I’d be out in a minute. I rinsed my mouth out and opened the door and she’s standing there looking like she’s got golf balls in her mouth (sick from too much alcohol). Now the snoring is following a rhythic cycle like music – for a bar or two it’s quiet and subdued, then it’s loud and in the aural foreground, easily defeating the puny air conditioner running at full blast.

We weren’t sure what party to go to tonight so we hung out here drinking until finally leaving for World of Drum & Bass in downtown Miami at nearly 2am. When we got there we saw several people leaving and asked them how it was. They were pretty much accurate when they said that there weren’t enough people there and the MC’s wouldn’t shut up. We tried to go in but the cover charge (even at 2am) was $30 and Isaac couldn’t reach Craze’s cousin who evidently could’ve escorted us in. We decided to wait around for him to call back while I excused myself to piss on the side of the stupid club and noticed all of the side doors open. I walked right in and barely got looked at by anyone. I walked through the service entrance, through the VIP area, past a security guard covering the VIP entrance, and into the main room where MC Skibadee was blabbering a mess of sounds that I couldn’t identify as any language I’ve ever heard. The place was occupied by about 600 “I’m wasted and paid $30 to get in so I’ll sit here and bob” people and I got bored standing there for five minutes, so I walked outside. I told Isaac, Sara, and Marilyn how we could walk in, but only Sara came with me the second time. We walked in the same way but this time I was confronted by a security guard who looked at me for more than a moment but didn’t stop me when I walked right by him. We left the mediocre party when Sara got a text message saying that Marilyn got busted trying to walk in. Then I made the realization for the first time in a few years that I don’t really even care to check out any drum & bass DJ’s at all, save for Photek or Zinc. I suppose my musical tastes have changed a lot in the last 5 years. Now it mostly just sounds like senseless noise to me.

The last few days have been fully sweet, but I haven’t written much at all about them, not for lack of interest, but lack of time and internet. The wi-fi signal that the household routinely jacks from their neighbors has been down for more than half a week. Aside from some lost contacts due to me losing my phone list scribbled on scrap paper, I don’t think that the internet and the beach are meant to be good friends anyway. Hopefully tomorrow will be a full beach day, including frisbee and sunburn, and maybe weather that allows tossing of the ‘bee (please not too much wind tomorrow; today was wind tunnel beach day).

Sara and Isaac have been fully awesome beach hosts since I’ve been here. It’s been a pleasure to hang out with them. I’ll put some earplugs molded in the shape of Absolut bottles that Kevork gave me in my ears and try to sleep now.