In September of 2016 I was invited to join a few new friends on a podcast here in Chengdu, called the Third Eye Podcast (???). The podcast ran for a few years as hosts Luke and Phil invited expat and Chinese guests on the podcast to talk about culture, politics, and living the good life in Chengdu. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Luke and Phil went on to start Mandarin Blueprint, which has found a lot of success as a the preeminent expat-run Chinese language school in Chengdu. When they made that transition, the podcast was collateral damage.

I managed to get a hold of the file and decided to host it myself, so that is available here. It’s an hour long conversation touching upon many issues relevant to anyone living in China, including:

  • Adventures in China’s remote Xinjiang province
  • How Chengdu Living started and what it was created to do
  • Explaining China’s callousness to public injury
  • The craziest things that have happened to us in China
  • Achieving mastery in Chinese language

Luke and Phil have built a great business and speak tremendous Chinese (among the best Chinese-speaking expats I have met in Chengdu), so it goes without saying that I hold them in very high regard. About half of the podcasts they published on The Third Eye were in spoken Chinese, and accrued a significant local listenership. That is impressive.

Third Eye Podcast Episode #54: Chengdu Living with Charlie Moseley