No matter where I go, you elude me.

I see you in the shop, but alas, you are the wrong size and don’t fit my evidently gigantic feet.

All I want to do is wear you because you are comfortable and look nice.

I went to three Adidas shops today to try and invest in a new pair of shoes. All of the stores have the pair I want, but none of them have a single pair in my size. My size is 12.5, not some ape-like size 16. But the search continues, and I always hear ‘dui bu qi, wo men mei you’. Do you know how difficult it is for me to find shoes? Not only because of the continental size issue at hand, but because I’m picky. I’ll go in ten shops and not find a single passable pair. But I found them here and they continue to taunt me.

I moved into a new apartment. I rented the old one out to Rob, an American from Portland. He’ll live out the remaining three months on my contract, while I’m across the street in the new spot. It’s a new complex, this time I’m on the 11th floor instead of 10th, but the major draw of this place is that it’s a larger fully furnished 1BR spot, as opposed to the last one which was a furnished studio. I’m trying to get wireless internet working and it’s been a bitch, so for now I have an unsightly network cable running from room to room to my laptop. The view up here is pretty excellent and my DJ equipment arrives with my sister around Thanksgiving.

I’m throwing a party in exactly a month, at a local club here called the Loft. It’s not really so much of a club as a warehouse, but that’s the reason why it’s perfect. It’ll be a drum n bass and hip hop/funk party. A Parisian drum & bass DJ is coming up from Kunming and besides myself I’ll get a handful of Chinese hip hop DJ’s to play. I’m anxious to make some real music available to people living in this city. Mostly foreigners, but the Loft is right next to a place called Hemp House. It’s a marijuana-themed lounge where you can’t really sit upright anywhere in the place, you have to lie on beds of pillows. It’s a fairly insane concept for the average Chinese person, but this is the kind of place which hosts an exceptionally eccentric crowd. The area seems to be conducive to alternative styles of music and culture which is why we selected it.

I’m listening to a new DJ Shadow mix called Funky Skunk. True to its name, it’s funky.