Wow, it’s really been a week since I’ve left an entry in my internet time capsule.

I arrived in a new city yesterday afternoon, the name of it is Yue Qing. I’ve never heard of it and it’s not in my huge Lonely Planet China book. It looks like a big and very normal city though; strange. We’re somewhere north of Wenzhou. The city is beautiful. It’s at the foot of a set of giant green mountains, the sky is blue, and there’s a very pleasant breeze. It’s not too hot or humid here like it is farther south, and it rivals Zhuhai in terms of sheer beauty. The city is also fairly clean for China.

My last entry was in Wenzhou, shortly after bullshitting my way into the suite, if I remember correctly. The rest of Wenzhou was essentially a continuation of what I had started there, and also the relatively rapid recovery of my sunburned body.

We took a bus from Wenzhou to here, which was only a few hours, I suppose too near to fly. We arrived at the bus station in Wenzhou and there were a pair of girls, one of them beautiful, right next to me. I had fried chicken and sprite while we waited to depart. On the bus, they sat right behind me. When we arrived, we waited in the bus station for 15 minutes for someone to come pick us up, and the girls were still there, right next to me. The guy brought us to our hotel where we checked in and unpacked, and then walked outside to get an early dinner. Take two steps outside of the hotel and there’s a restaurant with tables outside where the two girls are sitting, looking at me. What the fuck, are they following me around? I haven’t seen them since then.

After eating we went to the club to setup. Our hotel is better this time than it was in Wenzhou, gladly. The last one was too small. It was like a small bedroom-sized room with a small-ish bed, while this one is about twice the size with a giant bed. Roll on, Yue Qing. Setup in the club was quick and the people working there were actually really helpful, which almost never happens. Usually there’s a small crowd of people sitting around on couches smoking cigarettes and drinking tea.

When the actual night got started, I was given every indication that this city would be great. The local Coors boss, decked out in (probably) fake Versace, quickly hooked up as much Coors as we could drink, which was sweet. I hate having to ask for it. Me and the Kims drank a lot, probably too much. Oh, also. I made a pretty interesting observation which I briefly spoke about with Kim. When we came in the afternoon to setup equipment, there were a pair of girls in our group that I wasn’t familiar with (not the two from previously that afternoon). They were still with our group when we arrived that evening, only this time in specal outfits. One of them was wearing a silver short skirt/tanktop outfit and the other had a red, kind of traditional Chinese dress. Neither of them really said anything and seemed quiet and demure. Fast forward about 3 hours. Sometime around midnight the girls, one at a time, get on stage and do fucking insane stripper pole gymnastics probably like I’ve never seen before. Suddenly they were both, especially the one in silver, sexy as shit. This is the phenomenon that I’m talking about, which I conferred about with Kim. When they’re sitting around, these are normal girls, not particularly attractive, just hanging out. Yet when they’re under spotlights on stage, they’re somehow sexy as hell. Maybe this isn’t weird to anyone else, but it is to me. I notice that the inverse is also true. If someone’s on stage dancing and I think they’re really beautiful, I talk to them later and find them to really not be beautiful. They’re good at what they do, and the¬†stage seems to highlight the best of their physical features, but this still strikes me as something interesting.

I finally found flip flops yesterday. I’ve been looking for flip flops that fit me for over a month now. The feeling is glorious.

I’m listening to a hip hop album mixed by Audio1 from DOA. It’s off the hook. Classic, goldenage hip hop. Tune of the day is Gimmee that Nut by Eazy-E.