I recently went to Taiwan for 5 days to speak at the Game Developers Conference there (known within the industry as GDC). As with previous sessions at GDC, the topic of my speech was Creating International Hits From China (or Anywhere).┬áThe conference was fantastic – better organized and more well attended than GDC Shanghai – and the city of Taipei was a joy to experience for a few days. Taiwan itself is difficult to describe, but I found it to be a mishmash of China, Hong Kong, and Japan. It’s amazingly clean, orderly, and civilized, but feels very traditionally Chinese like Hong Kong. Walking on the street you’ll see the urban landscape covered in traditional Chinese characters, small eateries, and captivating temples hidden inside small alleys. At night, the streets are lit by night markets containing dozens if not hundreds of vendors selling knick knacks and amazing street food, including bubble tea, which is a Taipei invention. Below are a few photos from my trip, with more photos from my trip here: 2013 Taiwan Photos GDC Taipei GDC Taipei GDC Taipei GDC Taipei