That’s what I’m calling it for now. Really I’m waiting for my Chinese visa to arrive and I’m doomed to spend 5 additional days in this awesome country. I’ll probably pass on Thailand in favor of Laos in the future, although I still miss the cultural tranquility of China. Thailand especially is a crazy mish-mash of international culture (backpackers), and I don’t think that generally adds up to a super travel experience for me. I’ve spent the last few days with a group of German guys and an American girl from NYC. One of the Germans is an ENT surgeon and the girl is a lawyer, so I’m the punk of the crew being the DJ. Today we went to famous waterfalls an hour outside of Luang Prabang, where I am now. It was really a collection of waterfalls – at least a dozen of them. And then one enormous one, which had a natural bridge leading up to it. You could stand probably 20 feet in front of the waterfall, where it pretty much feels like you’re facing a raging hurricane – you get completely blasted by high intensity wind and water flying at you at high speed. It’s pretty much fantastic. I don’t know if they actually enforce it, but the guest house that I’m staying at has a midnight curfew. That means I have two minutes. I expect to return, knocking the door, to wake up some dude sleeping on a cot just inside the door to enter. Will write more later.