Yesterday afternoon I got a Fuji X100 to take street photography photos in Chengdu. Today was my first day using it.

It has a fixed 35mm lens and an APS-C sensor inside a very small body. I love the fixed lens and 35mm is the perfect focal length for this type of camera so I decided to get it.

Nearly every day I miss opportunities to capture beautiful images of everyday life because I never want to take my SLR anywhere. It’s too bulky. That problem has definitely been solved now. Although this camera has it’s quirks and the learning curve is high – everything on the camera is manual – the feeling of using the X100 is not like anything I’ve shot with before.

This is the first time I’ve posted this kind of gallery on my blog, here’s the best way to use it:

  • Click on the first photo
  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to flip through the photos
  • Press escape or click away to close the gallery

Fuji X100 First Day Street Photos in Chengdu