Well, the 60-in-1 game doesn’t work. It won’t even fit into the system. The cartridge has an extra notch on it. Oh well, not really any kind of surprise at all. The other GBA game works, but the battery runs out almost instantly because the DS charger doesn’t work for some reason here, I tried it in two outlets. Perhaps some kind of voltage conversion issue, I hope that the power adapter hasn’t fried.

I forgot to mention in my previous entry my new Street Fighter friend. I went back into a video arcade that I went to with Jason the other day in Mong Kok. Of course I was the only foreigner in there, and I wasn’t really familiar with any of the games except for Street Fighter 2. Someone was playing and I sat down and challenged him. Surprisingly I beat him twice in a row with sagat, then he came back and beat me. On the fourth match, he beat me easily on the first round, and was beating me into the second round, but demonstrated incredible honor by letting me beat him that round so we could move to the third round, the tie breaker. I couldn’t believe it – I’ve never anyone do that before. I ended up beating him in the tie breaker, and he got up and left. I found him a few minutes later and gave him $2 which was the cost of the game, because he surely would have beaten me had he not let me win in the second round. He said thanks and I took his photo. we both had a great time playing. Despite the language barrier, Street Fighter is a universal language. Ironically he was fighting as Ken, the American, and I as Sagat, the Thai.

After that I went to a small restaurant in an alley and had a delicious meal with 2 beers for $35 HKD. I had a new beer that I’ve never had; it said it was imported, but it didn’t say where from. I believe it was called Blue Girl. I got a photo of it.