today is beautiful. i’m sitting at a table outside of the coffee shop in the plaza, just a few steps from my bedroom. the convenience of this place is incredible. there’s a live reggae band (steel drums for life) just a few feet away on the lake, people are everywhere, the weather is beautiful, and i have my laptop and free wi-fi. this is one of those moments, where you can’t help but be like; life is so nice.

moving onto the stickfighting story.

oh, the stickfighting. i think that i failed to mention this in my last post which explained last weekend which i spent with erica. i was showing her around washington plaza (where i live, in reston) and we strayed toward the pool in a really fertile walking area. there were some kids on an old basketball court fighting with sticks. they saw me taking pictures and asked that we take some pictures of them fighting, so i said sure. we walked over and watched these kids bash the hell out of eachother with these big branches. i could only watch for so long because i picked up a 40lb branch and started obliterating their puny branches with. erica took some pictures, they’re hilarious. i can’t upload them here because of this goddamn public wi-fi and its port filtering. i shouldn’t complain because it’s free.

erica left town yesterday morning. had a really good time with her over the course of the week, she’s excellent to just hang out with. everything is really casual and easygoing, which i can really appreciate after being with high maintenance women. we spent a few hours playing with pixels blocks. we built a megaman, a mario, and a cycloptic (i might have just made up that adjective) monster. good times not really doing much of anything at all. also, we played chess. i’m meeting up with shayda tomorrow and we’re going to play chess. but first i need to get a nice chess set. i was planning on going to the game master or whatever the name of that place in tysons corner is, where they have all the board games and chess sets. but it turns out that that place has moved and is no longer there. maybe i should look another place up. i could just get a cheap chess set and bring it here by the lake, though.

if you can’t tell, this weblog doesn’t really serve any purpose other than to record what’s currently going through my mind.

i almost went to buzz last night, but decided not to go around 11pm after i had missed the opportunity to get in for $10. paying $20 to get into buzz on a regular friday is a tough pill for me to swallow. so i chose not to swallow it and finish the geometrix banners instead. i made one to promote his forum,, and another to promote the upcoming release of his “genre defying mix album”, titled the melting pot, which is being released on the 5th of october.

peter moved to illinois to go to college with his girlfriend who he’s been with for like a year. they both transferred to that college to be together, then five days after being there, she dumps him. lol. i guess it’s not that funny though, he’s pretty crushed.

currently listening to: LIVE REGGAE JAMMING and outdoor coffeeshop people talking.