Real Estate – It’s Real

I acquired several albums recently and have been listening to a few on constant repeat. One of those is the album that this song is on, titled “Days”, the sophomore album released in 2011 by Jersey-based indie band Real Estate. They’re surfer rock-ish and remind me of Vampire Weekend albeit with a more subdued sound that’s more album-conducive.

Since I listen to music basically all day, each week I go through 10+ albums. Some I listen to repeatedly, listening carefully for details that I miss or piecing together lyrics to get an idea for what kind of picture the band is trying to paint. I use Alfred (highly recommended) on my Mac to rate songs with just a few keystrokes, but on average each album will have one or two songs with 4 or 5-star ratings. When I’m going through 10+ albums in a week, this rating system is essential in figuring out which albums and songs are worth going back to after the months and years tick by. This album has 7 out of 10 songs rated 4 or 5-stars in my iTunes library.

The entire Days album is good and you can listen to the whole thing on Youtube here: Real Estate – Days on Youtube.