I just got back from Hong Kong, here are some snapshots:

A late Thai dinner, prepared by Akeeta at dinnertime and eaten by me at 2am. Delicious
Half-eaten Lamb Falafel from Ebeneezer’s in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. $52 HKD and very tasty.
We hooked up a vintage Nintendo up to a modern LCD and played Super Mario 2. Awesome graphics.
Cassady and Romance of the Three Kingdoms on NES go way back, apparently. Great game.
Snacking on delicious treats with friends on a weeknight evening. Cheese, bread, pizza, wine, more
And how could I forget the sweet tunes, streamed wirelessly to an Airport Express & studio monitors
Cassady’s record collection is quite impressive for Hong Kong. Huge variety, too. Resssspect
This was taken while I was playing records. Charlotte got a great natural snapshot here

Huge thanks to my generous host, Cassady.