After hearing that Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscar for best film I finally had the chance to watch it tonight. I had downloaded it weeks ago but not yet had the chance to watch it, although I have been really looking forward to it especially after it was recommended to me by Kat. I tend to not go too much for movies that win as many awards as this – to me, 8 Oscars seemed excessive – but this film in particular really threw me a curve.

I loved every moment of it, didn’t want it to end, and watched with rapture and fascination. I almost have a difficult time describing what I liked about it because it’s such an encompassing glimpse of the hardships and rewards of life that are universal to all people. But I’ll try.

Throughout the film the characters are as complex, mysterious, and unpredictable as their human counterparts. Villainous saviors, morally compromising heroes, self sacrificing back stabbers, and betting everything on the voice in your head or the twitch in your gut. In their imperfection and spontaneity they mirror all the fragility and opportunity of life.

The photography and art direction paints a bold picture of a country that’s being transformed in the span of a generation. With the film spanning a relatively brief lifetime, it looks stunning and is a joy to watch. Subtitles and all. Overall just an incredibly outstanding film.

Before hearing that Slumdog had won the Oscar I was hoping that The Wrestler would take it. I didn’t write anything on that movie and post it but I fell in love with that as well. If I had to choose between the two I don’t think I could – and I wouldn’t want to, so I won’t. But really, see these two movies if you haven’t.