Recently, Chengdu Living has been getting hammered with spam comments and trackbacks (notifications of sites linking to Chengdu Living). Fortunately, I use Akismet and none of it actually makes it onto the site. Akismet, if you didn’t know, is a spam filtering system that compares each and every comment with an online database that checks the origin and content of the message (words, phrases, links) to determine if it’s spam. It’s very accurate.

Today I woke up and there were 89 new comments on the site that had been auto-filtered into the spam category – each and every single day it takes me about 2 minutes to scan through those and filter out the few legitimate comments and trackbacks and delete the rest. If it weren’t for Akismet, the site would be covered in spam.

And if you didn’t know – errant comments and distortion on a website will slowly kill it.