I DJ’d at the “Sheng Qi” (??) event last night, which was a milestone for Chengdu’s growing hip hop subculture. This event was months in the making and was the meeting of two crews: the Jingqi Shen crew which has members from all around the country (Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming) and the “CDC” (ChengDu City) rap crew. In total, over 10+ rappers and two DJs.

Shengqi Flyer

The Shengqi Event Flyer – Saturday 11-24-2012

What Rap in Chengdu Looks Like:

Big Ty. Every time I see this guys name I think of my cousin, whose legal name is Ty.

Fat Shady

“Fat Shady” sounds kind of silly, but he is perhaps the most skilled and popular in CDC


“Sleepycat” – a local Sichuanese rapper who has improved a lot

Ansr J

Ansr-J, aka AJ, is a young and popular local rapper who is influenced by Far East Movement and dance-y hip hop in general



Kafei on the mic (the only member of both Jingqi Shen and CDC) and David in the foreground

DJ Equipment

We got equipment from Beat Base nearby. A “ReLoop” mixer and turntable.

Kafei Crowdsurfing

Kafei crowd-surfed for his first time as the crowd was going nuts. After the show he was surrounded by 17-21 year old girls.