I don’t have much time, so I’ll be brief. Last night after playing, me and the Kims went to Pegasus, the biggest hip hop night in town. Oh, I’m in Shanghai now. Being in Pegasus reminds me of being home. The club is full of foreigners and Chinese people with their colorful interpretations of what hip hop really is (FIFTY CENT & LIL JOHN U HURD?) and the music was only mediocre, but it’s still a welcoming feeling of nostalgia. We stayed until 4am or so when we stumbled out on the street with some skater friends and walked around on the street for about 30 minutes in transit to a karaoke place at the end of the plaza. Why? I don’t know, we were drunk. Anyway, getting right to the point, me and Dana sang PARADISE CITY. YES THE GUNS & ROSES SONG. It was truly the diamond-in-the-rough of the mostly-Chinese pretty much all-terrible catalog of music. I didn’t make it home until almost 7am, just before McDonalds started serving breakfast. Fuck, it would have been my first McDonalds breakfast in the better part of a year. Today is Friday and I’m in the same club tonight that I am tomorrow. This is my only weekend in Shanghai on this trip, so I’m really hoping that the club is exceptional.