I’ve been having this problem for so long and I didn’t realize it. Going to sleep with eyes feeling like they’ve been shot with lasers due to the brightness of my computer display.

This app, F.lux, adjusts the color temperature of your computers display automatically, according to the suns position in relation to where you’re located. If you’re using your computer late at night, for example, the application will adjust your display to make it easier on your eyes. It’s free and I’ve been using it for a few days on my laptop and desktop (Mac & PC) and it works fantastically. Their website even includes sleep research which has been conducted on disorders generally relating to blue light levels – which this app is designed to reduce automatically.

Get it here: http://www.stereopsis.com/flux

flux screenshot


Ever notice how people texting at night have that eerie blue glow?

Or wake up ready to write down the Next Great Idea, and get blinded by your computer screen?

During the day, computer screens look good—they’re designed to look like the sun. But, at 9PM, 10PM, or 3AM, you probably shouldn’t be looking at the sun.

F.lux fixes this: it makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

It’s even possible that you’re staying up too late because of your computer. You could use f.lux because it makes you sleep better, or you could just use it just because it makes your computer look better.