since i worked all day last saturday i was able to take a day off this week. thinking that i might get today off because of the reagan memorial day, i selected thursday as the day of mid-week bliss, and i’m glad i did.

last week primo told me she wanted to go to saki with me since she’d never been there. she said she’d call and i was like whatever, expecting to either go without her or not go at all.i was fixing the bike with jason wednesday at 9:30pm as it just became dark and she gave me a call, asking if i was going to saki. i was already frusterated with the bike so i told her i’d drop off jason at home in falls church and pick her up. so i did that and picked her up, finding that she lives just a few doors down from where jackie used to live with sean. i lived there myself for a few months. i pick her up and i finally get the goddamn opportunity to take to her one on one without any stupid distractions. she’s a bit of a space case, but actually pretty fun to talk to. we get stuck in a shitload of traffic on 66 so the car ride actually took at least an hour. at that point i was glad that i could avoid the BS with her and just talk about shit and get an idea of what she’s really like, because i’ve gotten so many confusing and frusterating mixed signals from her. i think she has some kind of insecurity but i’m not really sure what it is yet. we get to adams morgan and park, get out of the car and walk to saki.¬† i’m in shorts because it’s hot as fuck and she’s wearing a skirt.

as always, there’s a massive line outside saki which isn’t really moving at all. one of the terms of us deciding that we want to go to saki involves these passes which she has which allow us to walk right in without standing in line. these helped. every other time i’ve been to saki i’ve gone with kevork, who just has to show his face and he and whoever he’s with walk right in. but they wouldn’t let us just walk in like that because i had shorts on. thinking that this would happen, i brought a pair of jeans in my car. we walked back, and she stood guard while i changed in the backseat of my car, which was difficult for someone as tall as me. we go back, get inside, and again, as always, the jams are 20 years old and the place is absolutely rammed. you can’t walk without pushing your way through people in the downstairs area where the dj and all the cool shit is. we go to the bar and she buys the first round. kick ass, and unexpected. we walk around, dance to 80’s on the packed floor, futily try to communicate a few words on the floor but fail miserably, etc. she goes to the bathroom so i hangout in the hallway leading to the bathrooms, kevork walks up and greets me. i ask where jill is and he says it went sour. fuck! the last time i saw him, before he went to france for the weekend, he was crazy in love with this girl who he’d just started dating. she always came to saki with us. didn’t get into it in the club of course, but i hope to meet up with him soon and find out what happened. i’m sure he must be / must have been really upset. while we’re talking, eric and sonny walk up and primo comes out, everyone’s introduced. more drinks, more jamming on the dancefloor.

virtually out of nowhere, she asks if i want to go upstairs. this is weird because no one really hangs out upstairs, it’s like the quiet bar area. we go up there anyway, get more drinks, and sit down and talk for an hour or so, until the lights are flashed for last call. we had a lot of time to talk about a lot of things, some of the longer bits of conversation were on our previous drugs use and lucid dreaming. we have more than few common interests, and she told me she was really impressed with me which kind of owned, but i regret not making a move right then. just before leaving we run into kevork, i ask him if he wants to check out reef across the street. the four of us try, and fail. not giving up on partying, primo and i try to go to red which locked it’s doors just before we got there. oh well. in the car, driving home, i ask if she swims. her reply, like a fish. i tell her to come swimming with me tomorrow because i know that she has the day off so she anxiously agrees.

next day, i wake up and call her. i pick her up, we eat at this place called potbellys which i’ve never been to, then we go to my place and walk to the pool next to the lake. swimming just kicks ass, with or without a girl, so that was fun. we swim for a few hours, dive off the diving board, play pool basketball, and partake in all manner of ill pool shit. then go in the jacuzzi. then back into the pool. lots of fun! i knew that she was going to a concert that evening so by 5pm we were ready to get out of there. we talk a walk around the lake and then the plaza and get ice cream. then back to my car and i take her home. she says she had plans to go to atlantic city this weekend but she’s not sure that she wants to go and that she’ll give me a call.

i refuse to call her until then, although i’d like very much to see her. i’m kinda kicking myself for not making a move at saki when we were upstairs, i think it was the opportune moment, and maybe i’m wrong, but i think i had the greenlight. i will assert myself as he who doesn’t just want to be friends in the very near future. a few times while hanging out i noticed that she has a tendency to be real iffy and not sure about things. difficult to explain in writing, but ocassionally if i ask a direct question i get this kind of half way ‘not sure’ meeehhh kind of answer. i hate that, and i have to put a stop to it every time. for example, i asked if she has a reston pool pass. she was like “weeell, some of my friends have pools, and and and..”. i’m like, “no no, stop. stop. you’re getting a pool pass”. as soon as i took note of how she was acting, she immediately backpedaled and knew what she was doing. felt damn nice, because i’ve always gotten this attitude over the phone and retracted instead of charged when i’ve heard it.

i think i’ve now written enough to explain what happened there. kat called me the other day and we talked for about half an hour, which is pretty unusual. usually one of us is busy and we can only talk for several minutes at a time, if that. i asked how she was and she said that she was stressed out from working too much and was having trouble sleeping. i remember, from a year ago when we were spending a lot of time together, she always had trouble sleeping. i told her i’d send her some of the binaural holosync cd’s that should help with that. i burned about 6 of them last night and i have them with me here at the office. i found a binaural dvd-r for the first time on BTB the other day also, i’ll burn a copy of that for her as well. i asked her when the next time she was coming to washington was. this was a joke, and thought i knew that she wasn’t coming to dc, but she said that she’d try to come soon so visit her friend who recently moved here and to see me. that would rule.

i’m supposed to see emily sometime this weekend also. i have her hippy dress thing that Uma wears at the tail end of kill bill vol. 2. she had me get it off ebay for her and it was cheap so it’s my gift to her. i saw an away message of hers the other day that said she was at the eastern shore. i haven’t spoken to her in a while so i don’t really know what that’s about, but i’m probably as curious as someone who’s fairly disinterested in her life can be.

what else for the weekend:

– jasons birthday is tomorrow. elaine is throwing a surprise barbeque party for him at sams house, so i’m definitely checking that out tomorrow around 6pm. should kick a fair amount of ass, every year on jasons birthday i remember how damn long we’ve been friends. i remember throwing his 21st birthday party at my apartment in rosslyn years ago. he’s turning 25 this time. kick ass, should be a good time. i have to find something small to give him as a gift, though.

– filming. stephen is filming a movie to enter in the dc film festival. i’ve been briefed on it and given a script. i play a mob henchman who gets quickly killed. he’s filming a short scene in my apartment saturday afternoon before i go to jasons party. i’m really looking forward to this because it’ll be my first time trying any kind of acting at all. i really have no idea if i’ll be any good or not, i guess i’ll find out. regardless, even if i suck, i think it’ll be a fun thing to look back at a few years from now. i have some interest in making some kind of film myself. not that i know what i want to communicate or how, but i think it’d be a fun thing to try.

– photographing house in springfield. ugggh. the photography is easy, i just hate springfield. it’s too far.

hamdi just arrived to pickup samia’s blackberry which has been finished for several days now. he also wants the photograph of ramzi which i have, but i must scan that now.

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