Tianfu Software Park

Tianfu Software Park in the South of Chengdu

I stumbled upon an article yesterday published in ZDNet about the rise of Chengdu as one of the prominent high-tech zones in China. Some Chengdu notables:

  • Named fastest growing city in the world by Forbes
  • Half of all Intel mobile chips in the world are manufactured here
  • Chengdu’s economy has quadrupled since 2002
  • Top grossing iOS developer of 2012 (so far) is in Chengdu, and it is Tap4Fun

I already knew all of this, but the surprising thing about the article is that our office building is actually in the photograph. It’s the one to the very right of the photograph, obscured behind a tree.

Here’s a link to the article: Rise of Chengdu: China’s New High Tech Hub