I was interviewed by New Dynasty recently, which is a magazine and website in Xi’an that’s similar to Chengdu Living. They do regular profiles of foreigners in China and they recently did one on me and Chengdu Living. They called me a “Hao Hao Reporter” due to the success that Chengdu Living has achieved on that site. For those who don’t know, Hao Hao Report is an aggregate news site similar to Digg.com which specializes in content about China. This was a personal interview, as opposed to one about Disco Death or Chengdu Living.

I knew this interview would get submitted to Hao Hao Report but I didn’t think it would get voted up to the front page! Read the interview and check out the post on Hao Hao Report.

They linked to justcharlie.com and discodeath.net also, which is appreciated.