I suppose it’s rapidly becoming annual tradition for me to spend a few weeks traveling, during which I read non-stop. I didn’t intend to read so much, as I didn’t bring any books aside from my journal and a Chinese book to study with, but I’m returning to China the day after tomorrow with a bag full of books. In the last week I’ve read The Beach, The Hot Zone, Day of the Triffids, Are You Experienced?, and I’m reading Investment Biker now. I think that’s all of them.

While in Pai I bought an excellent hand-made hammock from a small shop at a busy intersection. I set up the hammock this morning in the room at my guesthouse after finding huge caribbeaners (those rock climbing hook-clasp-things) for sale at an Army surplus store. Reclining in it and reading for 30 minutes I found it immensely more comfortable than the bed, so I thought about sleeping in the hammock tonight to see how it works out. I took the pillow from the bed and relaxed, quickly drifting into sleep. Just as I was drifting into unconsciousness something snaps and the hammock comes crashing down to the floor. I had known that this was a possibility when setting it up, but the moment at which it decided to happen caught me off guard. I felt like before I even hit the ground I instinctively paniced and caught myself before hitting the ground, instantly wide awake. No longer sleepy, I packed up the hammock and went outside for a walk. Good times in the hammock.