Yesterday I went with Andre and Brendon on a daytrip to Qing Cheng Shan (Azure City Mountain) which is two-hours outside of Chengdu. After eating at 祖母的厨房 Grandma’s Kitchen) for breakfast we went to the bus station (chadianzi bus station) and got tickets to Qing Cheng Shan and were on our way.

Qing Cheng Shan is the birthplace of Daoism – a mountain dotted with temples and dozens of peaks. Compared to Emei Shan it’s an easy climb, taking half a day, so we arrived at the peak just in time to see the sunset. At the peak of the mountain was a temple and tall pagoda that rose high over the trees which we climbed up to to rest after the long hike and watch the sun set over distant peaks. I tried to get as many valuable photos along the way that I could.