11:09, back at work. we finished the proposal last night at about 2am, i went home and watched more pen & tellers bullshit. last nights episode was about the hypocrisy of the drug war. i didn’t fall asleep so fast, surprsingly, so i was up until 3:30 or so. i took some DMAE before i passed out. i’ve noticed that i’ve been having more vivid recall of my dreams recently, i think in part because of the supplements i’ve been taking, but also because i haven’t puffed on the chronic in a while.

if i had internet at home i’d leave my xanga page up before i go to sleep so it’s there immediately when i wake up if i want to write something down. i remembered a lot this morning but now i only remember bits and pieces. i remember spinning at an outdoor party with brian arsenault, and we were tagging on 4 turntables. i played one tune and it didn’t stop playing, we would tease something, then drop out of that, tease something else, drop out of that also, and it would always go back to this same track. i wasn’t coherent enough in the dream to look at the needle and be like WTF?. next time i’ll have to remember to do that.

today should be a really easy day.

what i’m listening to: beck – fourteen rivers, fourteen floods