In 12 hours I leave for Tibet; at 5am. I’m not sure if I should sleep or stay up that late or what. I understand that even if I sleep tonight I’ll arrive there exhausted and winded from the dramatic change in elevation although I think it might be better to subject my body to as little abuse as possible until my body equalizes, which I understand may take at least 24 hours. I’ll have 5 days there if I’m not mistaken, during which I hope to see as much as I can. Maybe most important to me is Potala Palace, which I’ve been anxious to photograph since I first saw a photo of it a year ago. I’ll always have my camera with me and I’ll be taking as many photos as I can, so I’ll post them here.

I tried to get an idea of what kind of music goes down in Tibet but was unsuccessful. I’ve never met anyone who’s DJ’d in Tibet; none of the foreign DJ’s (all four of us!) this town of 13 million have been. I posted on a Chinese nightlife forum about it seeing if I could collect any information, even inside the DJ section, and still no one could provide any information.

It’s lining up to be a tremendous adventure that I can’t wait for!