Nothing makes you appreciate sleep like being able to not get much of it for an extended period of time. Matter of fact, I can’t wait until I’m asleep.

The last 4 days have been absolutely non-stop. DJ gigs every night – the MC battle, then the Barbeque, where Wu and I together DJ’d for 13 hours straight, then a few hours of sleep and a flight to Kunming and a show tonight with Chivas. I get 10 hours to sleep and then I take another flight to Lijiang where I will do nothing but lounge around for 4 days until I catch a plane to Wuhan for the weekend. Then back to Chengdu.

I’ve never been to Lijiang before, but I hear it’s among the most beautiful places in China. I brought my big camera, which I haven’t used for months, in anticipation. Now I will go to sleep, and I will not set an alarm clock. I’m overjoyed.

Oh, tonight was Qing Ren Jie, which is Chinese valentines day.