I’m at some internet place in Ubud now sitting near a girl who looks just like Amy Owens. Except French, apparently. I didn’t know what nationality she was until she evidently lost an email and started cursing in french. The only word that I could understand was merde, and I think that I learned that in Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (when Napoleon slips and falls into the lane while bowling). Clearly what happened was she lost an e-mail that she had put some time into. The same thing happened at the internet place that I was at the other day; the guy directly across from me started getting progressively irate. It reached a summit when he was saying things like “OH GODDAMNIT, SON OF A BITCH”. It was fairly amusing, but then I asked him if I could help him with something. I’m sure the employees at these internet cafes are more than familiar with the averate computer illiterate user who loses an e-mail. Occupational bullshit.

More importantly, my sister is now married (again), and my ex-boss David is now my brother in law. The wedding was beautiful and went off without any real problems at all. I took a lot of photos and they came out beautifully. I might post some here if I find the time. They checked into a new villa today at a different resort which is outrageous. I heard it was only $250 – I’m sure anyone who could see the place would agree that’s dirt cheap.

I have more pressing matters at the moment, specifically my Indonesian visa which is set to expire tomorrow. I listend to my father and got a 7-day visa on arrival which will expire two days before when I’m scheduled to depart. And I actually want to extend my stay here by 10 days because I have an insanely excellent place to stay for free here in Ubud. Tomorrow I’ll call immigration and have it sorted – worst case scenario, tomorrow I fly to and from Kuala Lumpur and get a new tourist visa. It might set me back $100.

Hey, this internet place is playing Marley. We’re jamming now.