12 hours after arriving back in Chengdu I left again, this time to a much closer destination, still inside Sichuan province. The city is called Panzihua, and I’m not sure that it’s really famous for anything at all, which is actually uncommon. Hangzhou is famous for tea, Macau for being a Portugese colony, Beijing for being the capitol, and Chengdu for being home of the illustrious giant panda. Maybe this place is only known for mediocrity, because it seems to carry quite a negative reputation. Regardless, here I am for the duration of the weekend for shows tonight and tomorrow. I’ve already completed sound check at the club, checked into the hotel, and spent an hour walking around the city and have come to the preliminary conclusion that the city seems to fit the profile painted by the word on the street.

On the upside, walking into the club and through a corridor to the main area you’re welcomed by dozens of Coors advertisements which strangely include a fully-assembled Coors tent on the floor. As if someone were to camp inside the club – the tent is entirely metallic silver and has a giant Coors Light logo on it. It’s so ostentatious and gaudy that I must have it. I inquired about getting one and the club manager said he would try to get me one tonight when the Coors representative shows up. For three months last year I worked exclusively with Coors and never even knew to ask for a Coors Light tent. Here’s hoping for a good show tonight and a Coors Light camping trip this fall.