It’s great that the Olympics are finished. Watching them was a blast, and congratulations to China for performing so well. But I, along with millions of others here, are glad that it’s over. Hopefully China will be slowly unlocked again as the enormous Olympic wheels slow to a standstill.

The change that this place has seen over the previous years for the Olympics has been staggering. And while a lot of it has been for the good of China and the rest of the world, many of the changes have not been. Eight years ago when winning the bid, they pitched the promise that the Olympics would open China up. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case at all which paints a concerning future for domestic politics.

On the bright side, the 2008 Olympics were not the site of violence or protest and the world congratulates China on doing a great job hosting the games. What has been going on behind the curtains has been unsightly at best, but they’ve managed to proudly show their good side to those who choose not to look in the shadows.

Highlights: Opening ceremony and USA Basketball vs Spain gold medal match