It’s really hot and muggy outside, and just turning to afternoon right now. I’ve been riding around on the bike a lot the last few days, both at day and at night. The cheap lock has prevented the theft of the bike so far but I saw Graeme last night and he asked if I remembered where the bike market was because I’d probably be heading back there when my bike gets stolen, and might even see the bike there for sale. Interesting local bike economy they have here.

Today I should hear from Coors and find out what’s happening for the tour this year, and I’ll hopefully find out my itinerary for next week. I hope I’m not headed for Deyang or other semi-local cities of the like. Time will tell, as always.

Here at Grandma’s Kitchen, a local western restaurant, they have a special brunch promotion for weekends whereby you can select 5 breakfast dishes and juice or coffee for 28 yuan. Very cheap and delicious, in addition to the free wi-fi which I’m using now.

I’m waiting patiently for the next episode of 24!