Got back from the park, to find that CTS closes at 5pm on Saturdays. Damn. I’ll have to wake up early and see if I can’t book the ticket in the morning for same day travel.

Walking back down Nathan Road I stopped at the crosswalk to cross the street and noticed myself next to a beautiful Chinese girl. The interesting thing about me communicating with women here is that I we generally can’t speak to eachother because usually their English is only slightly better than my Chinese, so verbal communication is impossible. But with this mode of communication blocked, your nonverbal communication skills become much more attuned and subtly aware. Like a blind man who develops an extra-sensory ability to hear, nonverbal communication becomes seemingly more dramatic. Anyway, I was standing next this woman and we glanced at eachother, crossed the street, I walked into my building and she followed, and we both got into the same elevator. We looked at eachother for what I’d say was more than a quick glance, maybe half a second (which might not sound like much, but when two strangers are looking directly at eachother, it is). She had bright blue eyes, and I don’t mean natural eyes, clearly some very weird contact lenses. It startled me, it wasn’t unlike the freaky contacts that people wear on halloween, and she was wearing them around on the street. I’m sure she’s not the only one, but that’s the first time I’ve seen that around here. She got off at the floor below me.

I found out where Lik Sang is, near the Golden Arcade that I was told to check out by the Shim Shui Po MTR stop. Apparently this is gamers paradise, and I’m glad that there’s a force to finally bring me right there. I’m going to bring my DS and see if I can’t figure out how I can get it charged over here, and I’ll pick up Resident Evil 4 for Matt if they have it in stock for Gamecube. I’m curious to see what the store is like, because the internet site behind it is infamous. It’s a Hong Kong retailer that ships all over the world, and it’s a favorite among pirates of course, HK being the world capitol of the pirate gamer. I’m supposed to leave tomorrow, but I really don’t want to. I’m looking forward to seeing the mainland for the first time, but I’m sure that I will miss this place for how exciting and vibrant it is. I think, however, that in 8 days I’ve gotten a good idea of the essence of Hong Kong.

I want to get all the photos that I can before I leave, and in that vane, I almost want to bring my camera with me to Lik Sang, but it being dark, the other side of me wonders what the point is. I’ll leave it here and walk out without my laptop or camera, I think for the first time.