Gas Graffiti

The tag of Gas, Sichuanese graffiti artist and subject of a Chengdu Living and now BBC interview

Link to download Urban Youth on BBC

A song I made a few years ago for Sichuanese rapper Kafe Hu was used in a program about Chinese sub-culture on the BBC this week.

They interviewed my good friend Gas about street art culture in China and used No Stopping ft. Kafe Hu, a Chinese hip hop track that I produced a few years ago.

You can hear the song in it’s entirety here: No Stopping ft. Kafe Hu

Or download the BBC program here (11mb mp3): BBC – Chinese Urban Culture

Additionally, the original interview which I conducted with Gas over a year ago (published on Chengdu Living) is here: Interview with Gas: Chengdu’s Most Prolific Graffiti Writer