2:39pm, just another thursday. today has been pretty easy and laid back. it’s casual day and i like that. half of the office has moved to the new office space across the hall and there are a lot of vacant offices over here now. i’m ordering 5 computers today, one pre-build and 5 out of just parts that i’m going to assemble. should be a good time, but sometimes people i work with have a hard time understanding that i can’t help them with whatever problems they have while i’m assembling pc’s. sucks for them.

i ordered some records last night from chemical, for the first time in well over a year. i found the armour tune (dexters groove) that esfand has been playing and i’ve been looking for. i don’t want to steal his style, because i know he loves that tune, but it’s just too good for me to pass on. my concern now is how i’m going to play the tunes, since my setup at home has consisted of a single deck and my mixer for skratching. need to figure out how to get my setup back, including some speakers.

i’m planning on going to kings dominion on saturday with amy. that should be a good time i hope, i haven’t been there in several years. my primary is that the lines will be really long, it being a saturday. we’ll see how it goes.

back to listening to tribe in the earbuds and working on the william & mary flyer-