ordered a new helmet today. after some deliberation, decided on an HJC because of the powerful price/quality ratio. had i been interested in spending some more money i would’ve gotten a Shoei. maybe next time. the only thing i wish this one had is a removable top liner (it has removable cheek pads).

i dropped by springfield yesterday to pick up some records for lionz den on thursday. looking forward to it, but what i’m playing is really quite a stretch from my norm. i’m looking through my old records for the most bboy-friendly stuff i have. a lot of the house i have is deep/disco, and i don’t think that stuff will really work too well at all for this application. i have a number of great 80’s tunes accompanied with their respective house remixes though, which i think will go smashingly. included are rock the casbah (clash), don’t fear the reaper (blue oyster cult), sweet dreams, lets dance (bowie), and a few others. either way i think i’ll be fun as i’m playing in a new spot that i’ve never been in and will most likely never get another chance to play in. the only reason i’m scheduled is because kevork and eric are in taiwan for 8 days. i’m filling in for K and geo is filling in for eric. must bring a date. either primo, this hot anna girl who rides, or this girl who works with my sister who i have a date with tonight. that invitation is pending on what my impression of her is.

tom is on his way here now from annapolis to collect charts and volume introduction pages from me. back to scanning and designing.

here’s a cool vector portrait: image gone

currently listening to: Wickity live on destroyer.net