I got a new bicycle the other day and got it properly tuned today. Check it out, it’s a Battle, the esteemed combatants choice:

I feel so much more a part of Chinese culture when I’m cruising on my bike rather than taking a taxi, even with the uncompromising heat outside. I haven’t traversed a very long distance on the bike yet, aside from riding it home from the bike market north of Tianfu Square the day before last.

I also found a new 2BR apartment today. It’s in a swank complex on the 14th floor and includes a pool, tennis and basketball courts, and a big balcony. Hooray!

I think I acquired a short contract with a foreign beer company today, to do 6 shows in different cities next week. I’ll get final confirmation tomorrow. And on the 7th of this month I’ll find out the details on the tour this summer which I might decide to be a part of. We’ll see, interesting things in the pipes right now.

As if this weren’t enough good news, I won in Monopoly tonight!