If you don’t know who Ai Weiwei is, then you have yet to learn about one of the most courageous and talented people in China. I hope that this upcoming documentary will raise awareness of both him as a person and the cause that he has dedicated his life to.

Named by ArtReview as the most powerful artist in the world, Ai Weiwei is China’s most celebrated contemporary artist, and its most outspoken domestic critic. In April 2011, when Ai disappeared into police custody for three months, he quickly became China’s most famous missing person.

I shared this video with colleagues at work and they were all silent. This is a common reaction in China because the issues he raises lie on the boundary between controversiality and outright danger. Discussion of political and social conditions is not just frowned upon, but is often met with submission and violence. Ai Weiwei risks everything by challenging the status quo.

I’m glad that someone has dedicated themselves to creating a platform upon which these ideas can reach a greater audience.