this girl on myspace sent me a message the other day. if i’ve ever met a female slut robot from the future, it’s her. she’s emo as hell and sends all these inappropriate messages to me. and also to tim, this guy i know down the street. well, obviously she’s crazy or something, but she’s cute and i want to do a photo shoot with her. so she’s driving here to visit tim and i told her to let me take some photos of her and she agreed. infinite possibilities. excerpts from aim conversation.

Crazy & Emo: im going to see Tim next weeked
Crazy & Emo: weekend*
soul selekta: insulin?!
Crazy & Emo: yessum
soul selekta: dope!
soul selekta: i’m taking photos of you.
Crazy & Emo: haha you said “dope”
Crazy & Emo: sure, you live right by him dont you?
soul selekta: i say dope ocassionally when i witness any manner of ill shit.
Crazy & Emo: do you just want me to visit you or stay with you or what?
Crazy & Emo: im staying with Tim thursday/friday/saturday/sunday
soul selekta: stay with me first
soul selekta: i don’t want sloppy seconds
Crazy & Emo: what do you mean sloppy seconds?
Crazy & Emo: like sex sloppy seconds?
soul selekta: no, i would never say that!
soul selekta: yes
Crazy & Emo: …
soul selekta: you’ve never heard that term before?
Crazy & Emo: no
soul selekta: i’m just kidding, you can’t stay with me.

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