Just got back from Mong Kok, spent more time there than I had originally planned. I picked up a few things, a mini tripod (which doesn’t hold my super heavy 28-135IS lens), some GBA games, and a wicked ring which is the face of a really weird looking monster-creature. I ordinarily don’t wear any jewelry, but this was too fantastic and rare to pass up. I haven’t seen one like it, and it will have sentimental value because I acquired it in this special place. I will soon leave for the travel agency to pick up my mainland visa and then find something to do for a few hours until the TST light show this evening at 8pm. One of the GBA games that I got was a 60-in-1 deal which was only $30 (cheap – less than US$5). I’m doubtful that it’ll even work, but I shall see in a few minutes. I listened to some new albums on my iPod while walking around, one called Ruby Skye is unbelievably fantastic!