i’m not feeling really inspired to write today. i had a pretty fun weekend, maybe not as eventful as i would’ve liked it to be. friday night i passed out early and caught up on sleep, then met up with amy around lunch time. we hung out all day, then went to the mclean carnival that evening with kevork and brownwyn after eating thai. she left sunday around noon and i got my other deck set up at home so now i can finally mix. maybe the highlight of my weekend was going to orpheus in arlington and getting a stack of records. it’s been such a long time since i’ve really gone digging. i probably spent 2 hours there looking through records, left with about $70 worth of dope 80’s jams and early 90’s rock. stuff like the police, billy idol, ac/dc, depeche mode, inxs, flock of seagulls, etc. played it last night and jammed out. trying to round out the collection!