Well, damn yes. Last night was the probably the biggest crowd of people that I’ve ever DJ’d in front of. The venue was the largest indoor I’ve ever seen aside from the Ultraworld Armory parties in DC or Bass Rush in LA. Two giant, cavernous areas. One had a huge stage with Britney Spears-type singers, the other one was a club area. The club area had a dancefloor for maybe 500 people, with about 200-300 more tables spread out all over behind it. I counted 5 bars in the room, 3 of them with stripper poles above them. The stage was really high off the ground – maybe 10 feet. I still can’t believe that place is a normal club which is open every night. Proper Friday night business, though.

One of the dancers had an exposed thong which was fantastic, but later proved to be fake and a part of the skirt. Weak. But on the way out of the club we went through the second huge room and saw the person on stage literally wearing a bra and panties with a clear shawl thing over it.

I say goddamn!