The other day I finished a mix I’ve been working on for a few weeks, it’s called Martial Art and all of the tracks are composed by one of my oldest and best friends. It’s mostly atmospheric drum & bass – I personally really dig a lot of the tracks and I’m proud of the level of quality that Steve (Passai) was able to achieve so it was important to me that I did this one right. I’m happy with how it turned out and I’m still absorbing some of its intricacies over repeated listening sessions. Check it out:

download link

1. Ascension
2. Fall Time Jazz
3. Flight
4. Heavenly Bodies (Remix)
5. Crystal Clarity
6. Resurrection
7. Endless Light
8. Voices From the Other Side
9. Purple Horizon
10. Breezing On By
11. Revolver
12. Being Unknown
13. End of Days
14. Eternity

60 minutes, 192kbps