I stumbled on an incredible new album recently, called Magical Mystery Chambers, produced by Tom Caruana.

Like The Grey Album, it’s a cross-genre mix of remixed Beatles songs laced with Wu-Tang acapellas.

In an age of what sometimes feels like such musical mediocrity, something like this comes out. I’ve remained listening to a lot of new hip hop every month, and this is a refreshing album that demonstrates the universal nature of music. It introduces people born in the 1940’s to Wu-Tang, and young kids to the biggest rock band of all time. My roommate is a 23 year old Chinese musician and he’s familiar with The Beatles but can’t name one song off the top of his head. Despite the release of 2009’s The Beatles Rock Band game, a lot of young people are sleeping on The Beatles.

Unfortunately, the download site for this album has been removed. You can still find the whole album on Youtube, though.