Had a pretty wicked gig last night at Madam Zung’s. It’s a nice restaurant which has a big basement with a pretty large DJ area. Pretty sweet chill spot almost like Sonar but kind of a combination of the lounge area and the main area (except not that large). The place was nearly empty until about 11pm or so, I played from then until 12:30 I think. I had a pretty good burrito, a mediocre mojito, and four giant beers, so I was fairly blitzed by the time we strolled out around 2.

I met some super cool people.. I already knew Jane, but I met Myles, a South African breaks DJ, and Nick, a London drum & bass DJ. After leaving Madam Zungs we went to some other bar/restaurant place where we sat down and tried to get some food. It was just after 2am now and the place has maybe 10 people in it.. The waitress walks over and says “Hey, I’m really drunk, what do you want?”. I almost can’t describe the casual sweetness. Then a guy come over and introduces himself, I think he was her boyfriend, and takes our order. I think he mentioned that the management of the bar had left and they for some reason kept the place open really late without really being supervised, so the place was crazy. As time passed, more people came, and by 3am it was packed.

Also, I saw Shyang Yan Market yesterday, which was excellent. I saw tons of fake North Face stuff. I want to get one of the giant expedition bags, instead of using a suitcase. I need to examine the quality of them and make a comparison between those fake ones and my real bag. I did a brief comparison which made the fake one look actually pretty solid. When I asked how much, the woman told me 320 kuai. I said thanks and walked out and she said 180 kuai. I left anyway, but now I know how much I can get it for. There were also a lot of shoes there, even some pretty large ones which might fit me. I’ll have to run back there with Jane and try to get a pair, since I’ve been on the same pair of Adidas shelltoes for probably close to a year now. I think I got them right around Movement last year in May.

I’m in the Wonderland office in Shanghai now, about to observe a class taught by Dan at 5pm. I watched one of Michelles junior classes yesterday and it was absolute mayhem. The kids were out of control, it looked like it sucked to be her a whole lot right then.

This is really important. I just ate KFC. The meal included pepsi, a chicken sandwich, and a thigh and wing. Also, fries.