Holy shit, I had my first totally lucid dream last night.

It’s funny that it happens now, out of nowhere, after having spent a year writing down my dreams, reading about dreams, and generally focusing a lot of energy in this area of my subconscious life.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I remember lying in bed for a long time, feeling somewhat nauseous. I woke up and got some water and saw Matt still on the computer, at 7am, and then tried to get back to sleep. I was focusing on relaxing and lying in the fetal position, tryinig to sleep, and then I remember being in an elevator. It wasn’t a gradual realization like I’ve had before, where a subtle feeling of disbelief lingers, but it was a total, outloud, “I AM SLEEPING RIGHT NOW” moment. I started to freak out slightly, and fearing that I would wake up, I remembered to look at my hands. I did, and they were pruny and wet from being submerged in water, but I didn’t know why. Being able to maintain the dream, I wanted to go somewhere and do something. I don’t think I had full control of the environment, but I just had the definite realization. I decided to go to the top floor, which I had hoped would be a penthouse, but when I got there, it was an empty ballroom and there were construction people working on something. Not fun. I tried a few other floors but didn’t find anything super cool, so I went to the ground floor and out of the hotel. There were a lot of people outside and the weather was really nice. I remember walking around, observing the people and the atmosphere, in a state of almost total disbelief. I explored for what seemed like a few minutes, spun around but didn’t fly, and then my memory of what happened gets bad.

I wonder why this happened just now, or if this has happened before and I just didn’t recall it. I don’t think I’ve changed much as far as diet recently to chemically motivate my body to produce a lucid dream, but I figure that something must have helped this along. I hope to have another soon.

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