Just finished up at the first club in Guangzhou, which was much nicer than all of the clubs in Guiyan with only a single exception. The club was really far out, it took about a half an hour to get to. Of course we took the loaf mobile, which is the general name given to Chinese vans which have a name in Chinese which literally means “bread car” because they look like ridiculous loaves of bread with wheels on them. Kind of like the 70’s van that they drive in Scooby Doo.

Kim is teaching me to spin fire on strings. Poi, I guess it’s called. He practiced for six months on beaches in Thailand where apparently it’s very popular. He has scars all over his chest, arms, and neck to show for it. Everytime he performs in front of people most of them are falling over themselves they’re so impressed, because this is something that not only they haven’t seen, but a form of art that they didn’t even know existed.

Wow, that’s weird. A girl just sat across from us and Kim said hello, to which she replied in fluent English. Evidently she was born and raised in Canada but is of Chinese heritage. The labret piercing gave it away though.

Tomorrow the mission is to find a pool and bring the boombox.