back at work again. had a pretty good weekend, although i was woken up at 7:30am last night by Beau calling to inform me about a server problem. had to go into the office and fix it in the early AM. when i was done with that i stuck around and started and finished the Modern flyer for the lionz night. took me about 4 hours, here it is: image no longer online

pretty happy with how it ended up. the photography is the strongest part of it, i think.

fresh synthetic oil in my car, new photoshop user magazine, new disinformation book, and new records today:

v/a – transmission two EP (terminal velocity – fragrance rain) – invaderz
influx datum – take my – formation
calibre – highlander/mr maverick – signature
spirit – solitaire/soul survivor – metalheadz
mist – love thing – soul