9:01am Thursday, the last full day here in the turks. i’m lying in bed typing on my laptop, i can’t really say that i have a lot of energy. lots of drinking last night, there was a foam party here. probably the most fun i’ve had in the evening at this place, the psuedo nightlife scene here sucks pretty badly. for a while i actually held the idea that i should look into getting a job at a club med like my sister did. i think that idea has been squashed now, just witnessing the shit that employees have to do here. like dress up in funny hats and dance around on stage and do all manner of ridiculous shit for the entertainment of guests. they had a dj last night, i popped in the booth and made a few requests. i think he was french. he didn’t know what deep house was, didn’t know what funky house was, or naked music or miguel migs, but he knew what house music was, so i asked if he could play that. he said sure and then played hip hop. which brings me to my next point: everyone here is french. it’s like french is the official language at club med, and not english. some of the women are super fine, and most of the ones i’ve spoken to are french or canadian and hardly speak any english. i think there’s only one absolute ten on the island and she’s with some dude 15 years older than her.

tomorrow when we leave we fly to miami where we have a 5-hour layover. during that time david, my sister, and myself are going to hang out in south beach. evidently they’re thinking about buying a small condo there in south beach. the place is $200k which is pretty reasonable but i hear that it’s also quite small. of course i’m doing everything within my power as brotherly advisor to recommend that they make a purchase. not only so i have a free place to stay at wmc, but that would also be nice. talking about south beach reminds me how pleasant and nice that place is. i don’t know what it would be like to spend an extended amount of time there, but it’s certainly among the best vacation destinations i’ve been to in the contiguous united states.

the laptop shipped two days ago and should be delivered today. looking forward to picking it up when i get home and delivering and configuring this one for their use. i’ll probably just uninstall most of the programs which they won’t have a need for or won’t know how to use, and copy my files onto the usb key. i’ve taken a bunch of sequenced photos here which i’m looking forward to stitching together, if only i had photoshop cs here. technically i don’t need cs to stitch them, but using the wizard that cs provides makes everything easier and cleaner than doing them by hand.