just got blazed with cory and went to the lamborghini dealership. damn they have some nice automobiles. they had lamborghinis, porsches (the porsche gt!), ferraris, an aero, the ford gt500, and a few others. my favorite is the ferrari 360 modena. after maybe 10 minutes of browsing, a saucy looking salesman in his 50’s probably named Jeeves approached us. i asked what the finest automobile was and he said that while the most expensive was the bugatti, at $1.2 million, his preference is the porsche GT (modestly priced at $600,000). i thought about purchasing the 360 modena, except Jeeves said they only had it in ferrari red.

i’m thinking about not selling my car now and storing it here in arizona. i’d like to have it completely off my mind, but then again, the car has been so good to me, it would be great to be able to keep it.