It’s almost 1am and we’re all done performing, but we can’t leave because the second club that we were in tonight won’t let us take our rig down, so we have to wait until 2am to collect our things and leave. We spent 15 minutes wandering around on the street looking for an internet bar until we gave up and found a stand in front of a warehouse selling drinks. I bought some water and a door slid open behind the register revealing a giant room filled with computers. Hello secret internet warehouse.

Tonight was our last night of work before two days off, so I’m now pretty much out of time to decide what to do for the two days that I have off. I’d like to go to Hong Kong or Macao, but both of the Kims are broke and can’t afford either. There’s also a beach south which we might go to, if that’s the case I’ll probably have to loan them money, although that isn’t really too much of a concern. If we don’t leave town we’ll go back to the waterpark tomorrow, this time with Kevin, our Cantonese boss.

Oh, while setting up in the club today Kim got electrocuted. It sounds terrible but actually it was hilarious. I was helping him configure the nylon screens which the projectors project the image onto, and he thought it’d be a good idea to jam the metal wire holding the screen into a box holding fuses and various electrical components. I didn’t actually see him do this, but I just heard the ensuing screams. He tends to scream a lot though; he got a minor jolt a few days ago and screamed like a girl. This time it was prolonged over maybe 3 seconds. Immediately afterwards he said that he thought someone sneaked up on him and kicked him in the chest. I didn’t actually fall over laughing until I knew that he wasn’t seriously injured though, so that could make me less of a bastard.

I haven’t been keeping up with the online journal as much because I’ve been writing in my physical journal, which I think is superior in almost every way, except that I can’t share it with others. Today I wrote an extended portion on something that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently, which is recurring familiarities in social situations. It seems like the farther I travel and the more people that I meet, the more they remind me of people that I already know. It often seems like a coincidence that doesn’t deserve a lot of attention, but it seems to be increasing in frequency. Not only that, but some of the people that I’m reminded of are people I haven’t spoken to in years; and ocassionally the resemblance is shocking. I’ve started and plan to maintain a list of when this happens; it’s about 8 people so far. Kim reminds me of Dave Lee, the driver reminds me of Jason, Price (one of the dancers; that’s my name for him) reminds me of Josh Cooper, and so on. I wonder what it means, if anything. Coincidences don’t happen this many times.

I’m listening to Bassdrive and damn is it sweet to hear drum & bass after being subjected to terrible Chinese club music for weeks.